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PeduliLindungi Apk v3.4.1

PeduliLindungi Apk v3.4.1
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PeduliLindung is an application developed to stop the spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). Relying on public awareness and participation to take care of each other and minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19.

This is intended to monitor crowded and crowded locations that have a high risk which will later be useful in tracing the history of COVID-19 (Contact Tracing). The application will identify the user's contact history or Covid-19 case status as well as their vaccination status. This is done to support the program to stop the spread of COVID-19 which is being worked on by the government.

In addition to the above purposes, this application is also used to register vaccinations, scan QR for Check-In/Out and travel documents. Everything is gathered together through the PeduliLindung application to make it easier for users.

No matter how small your participation will be very meaningful to stop the transmission of COVID-19. The hope is that with PeduliLindung as access and media, coupled with community participation by downloading and using this application, Indonesia can soon be free from COVID-19 and bounce back.

* PeduliLindung is supported by the Ministry of Communication and Information, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of SOEs and the National Disaster Management Agency.

Untuk meningkatkan fungsi pada aplikasi PeduliLindungi, kami menambahkan beberapa penyempurnaan seperti:
- Uji Coba Penambahan fitur dependent profile dan group check-in untuk memudahkan proses check-in

Kami juga sudah membasmi bugs di aplikasi sehingga Anda tetap bisa menggunakannya dengan lancar. Tetap jaga kesehatan & gunakan masker saat bepergian.
PeduliLindungi Apk v3.4.1

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