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Impressions of the new Snapchat


While Snapchat made some huge changes to its app, not everyone was happy about it. Before I was completely off the Snapchat bandwagon, I decided to give the new version of the app a try, and these are my impressions of it so far. While there are some things I like about it, there are still things that have changed that doesn’t work as well as they used to. Here’s my take on what’s good and bad about the new Snapchat update!

Why I don’t like it

Snapchat has always been one of my favorite apps, and I’ve used it all throughout high school and college. However, after their most recent update, I am having mixed feelings. The main problem with their most recent update is that they completely removed a feature from the app—the friend icon on the bottom right corner of your screen. Now instead of being able to contact friends via a snap or direct messages (which you can do for up to 10 friends), you have to send snaps to a specific person if you want them only sent to them rather than everyone in your group chat.

What they could do better

Disappointing. This app is not terrible but it certainly needs some work. As a snap chatter, I love how simple and fast it is to record your message and share it with friends. The old update made recording your snap a lot easier, so maybe they took out some features we are used to having. I don’t know if all of them are coming back but I hope so! What really has me upset about these changes though is that in some cases pictures look distorted when someone sends them as a Snapchat (I have been told by my friend that it is only her sending pictures to me that looks weird). Before no matter what phone you had, everything would always come out clear on everyone’s phones but now that’s changed.

How can they win back users?

In general, their app has been declining in popularity over time. In fact, just today it was reported that a class action lawsuit is being filed against them for lying about user numbers. This is absolutely devastating to Snapchat because they have been using those user numbers as part of their marketing. When a company lies to its users, there can be lasting effects on a reputation and trust factor with them and their brand going forward. Because so many people used Snapchat at one point or another, that means there are lots of angry users out there who now feel like they have been lied to by Snapchat.

Things I did like

I like how they kept some of my favorite features, like Stories, Discover, and Memories. I also like how they kept all my contacts and Snapcodes in one easy-to-find location. I’m still getting used to typing with a two-thumbed keyboard on a phone screen (especially with my giant thumbs), but I do like that I can swipe up to get to stories and swipe left or right to add emojis and filters. Everything feels easier to find now, even though there are so many more things that can be added to it. It seems much more streamlined than before. Overall, Snapchat is just fun again!

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